How to tie a tie

Introducing the most basic way to tie a tie.

There is no problem in any scene as long as you can do this!
Only the method of tying "plain knots" is introduced.

* The thicker tie is called the big sword, and the thinner one is called the small sword.

1 Put a tie around your neck. Bringing a big sword to your dominant hand makes it easier to tighten.

2 Cross the large sword so that it is on top of the small sword.
If the hagi on the large sword side is just above the small sword, the approximate height is just right.

3 Go around as it is and bring the big sword to the back of the small sword.

4 Bring the big sword from the back to the front and pass it through the winding part where the small sword and the front big sword go around.
It is cheaper to pass a big sword by lifting the winding with the index finger, which is the opposite hand of the dominant hand.

5 When the big sword passes, pull the big sword down to narrow down the winding.

6 Adjust the winding to the neck by pushing up the winding with your dominant hand.
At this time, hold the sword with the opposite hand to your dominant hand and fix it.